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Chris Broussard Blasts People Calling Jay-Z a 'Sellout' For NFL Partnership

Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ers
Chris Broussard: “I agree with Jay-Z when he said there are difficult levels to protesting… The first level is getting the attention of the people you’re protesting against and of the general public and that’s what they’ve done with the kneeling. And unless you’re now going to have a violent revolt, which we’re not, then the next stage is to talk with the powers that be and Jay-Z is taking it that next stage and speaking truth to power. You have to be sitting at those tables to get things done and Jay-Z is in position to do that. Jay-Z is now in a position to use some of the money and muscle of the strongest sports league in the world to help fight against social injustice...To call him a 'sellout' is just ridiculous. Would you rather have a white person with no connection to the black community running the entertainment situation?” (FULL AUDIO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Listen to Chris Broussard defend media and business mogul Jay-Z after the iconic rapper partnered with the National Football League to represent the league in not only avenues regarding Live music representations, but in their quest for inciting social activism initiatives.

The latter of the new role has become one of the most polarizing topics in sports, when many interpreted Jay-Z’s comments towards Colin Kaepernick as a negligent public blast, with Jay-Z alluding that ‘We’re Done With Kneeling’.

Jay-Z’s biggest critics now also double as Kaepernick’s biggest supporters, including right-man Eric Reid, who is now one of the main leaders of the Jay-Z trolling on Twitter.

Broussard, however, can’t seem to understand why members of the African-American community are calling Jay-Z a sellout when he’s become one of the most powerful and influential African-Americans in the country, and then makes a power move to put himself at the same table as other members of the most dominant sports league in the country.

Check out the audio below as Broussard calls the Jay-Z’ backlash ‘ridiculous’ and doesn’t get why this partnership could ever be perceived as a bad thing.

Chris Broussard Blasts People Calling Jay-Z a 'Sellout' For NFL Partnership