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Colin Cowherd Calls Baker Mayfield a 'Loser' After Daniel Jones Blast

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Baker Mayfield: “I cannot believe the Giants took Daniel Jones, it blows my mind. Some people overthink it. That’s where people go wrong. They forget you’ve gotta win. Either you have a history of winning and being that guy for you team or you didn’t.”
Colin Cowherd: “Baker, Baker, News-maker…. AGAIN! Did the Browns not take a risk with a guy with a police video in college?? A 5’11”, two-time walk-on?? Baker won at Oklahoma because EVERYONE won at Oklahoma. Jason White on two bad knees won the Heisman, and Josh Heupel won a National title… Baker is acting like there is no context or nuance to winning. Tim Tebow was 35-6 in college, Colt McCoy was 45-8, Kellen Moore was 50-3 and AJ McCarron was 36-4. You know who didn’t win much in college? Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, and Matt Ryan. If you want to talk about wins Baker is 6-7 as an NFL quarterback, he’s a LOSER. He’s 1-5 against playoff teams, he’s a LOSER. But there’s no context, Jones is the LOSER and he’s the WINNER! Jones was throwing to guys who don’t even get drafted by the CFL. Baker has won one NFL game outside of Ohio! He's some winner!" (FULL RANT AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Listen to Colin Cowherd blast Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield after an interview Mayfield had with GQ last summer that was finally released on Tuesday.

One of the most notable portions of the interview was Mayfield unexpectedly blasting New York Giants rookie Daniel Jones when Mayfield glanced at a nearby television during the interview and saw a Sportscenter segment on the Giants drafting Jones at number 6 out of Duke.

That’s when Mayfield was quoted saying ‘I cannot believe they took Daniel Jones’ and mentioned how ‘either you have a history of winning and being that guy for your team or you don’t.’

Jones went 17-19 at Duke and was one of the most controversial picks in NFL history.

Colin reminds Mayfield that he went 6-7 as a starter last year, was 1-5 against playoff teams, and won ONE game outside the state of Ohio. He also reminds Mayfield that unlike Jones, Mayfield played on one of the winningest programs in college football history on an offense loaded with professional players under one of the best offensive minds in the sport Lincoln Riley.

Check out the rant below: