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Melvin Gordon Responds To Jason Smith Saying 'He's Getting Bad Advice'

Jason Smith VS Melvin Gordon

Right now we're all waiting on deals to finalize between Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys and Melvin Gordon of the LA Chargers who are both holding out early to get better deals. Last night as Jason Smith was wrapping up his show, he took to Twitter to reiterate his thoughts on Melvin Gordon's situation stating:

"Chargers want to give Melvin Gordon 10M a year. 3 RB's make more than 10M/year. And he says he's waiting for a phone call. He's getting such tremendously bad advice from whoever that I feel bad for the guy. He'll ruin his career if he stays held out through the regular season."

This prompted a response from Melvin Gordon who said:

"And you are?"

Smith deflected the comment with humor saying:

"New phone who dis?"

To which Gordon responded only with:

"Yeah exactly"

Smith maintains his point (in the audio above) regardless of what the star running back has to say:

Jason Smith: "I've said many times on this show that Melvin Gordon's gotta see reality. The Chargers have given him his value, and if they're offering you $10 million a year, that's pretty darn good for running backs in the NFL...That is a pretty good offer for a guy who is talented but has trouble staying healthy. The Chargers for whatever reason have said, 'We love you, but we have Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson, and we've gotta move forward with the guys that are here.' I don't know who is giving Melvin Gordon advice, but he's gotta take that deal."