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Rob Parker Says Jay-Z is a Selfish and Self-Centered Sellout

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets
Rob Parker: “Jay-Z sold out the players and sold out Colin Kaepernick. Just because he doesn’t a lot of good stuff doesn’t mean he can’t error. He blew it in this case after he was used and took the bait to be a photo opp for those guys who have no interest in the black community. I’m telling you, those owners have ZERO interest in the black community. The only interests they have are in things they can make money off of. I wouldn’t take two cents from the NFL. Jay-Z is a rapper from the street and he’s going to tell everybody it’s over because you signed a deal with the NFL?? It’s selfish, it’s self-centered and it’s only about Jay-Z. Why didn’t he say the kneeling was ‘over’ before he signed the deal with the NFL?? But because he got a check, NOW it’s over.” (FULL AUDIO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Listen to Rob Parker rip rapper and business mogul Jay-Z after he controversial partnered with the National Football League to represent the league in not only avenues regarding Live music representations, but in their quest for inciting social activism initiatives.

The latter of the new role has become one of the most polarizing topics in sports, when many interpreted Jay-Z’s comments towards Colin Kaepernick as a negligent public blast, with Jay-Z alluding that ‘We’re Done With Kneeling’.

Rob takes great offense to Jay-Z’s comments about players being 'done' with kneeling, and says it’s ironic that he suddenly only got these feelings right after he signed a fat check with the NFL.

Parker says Jay-Z and selfish and self-centered and says he is recklessly aligning himself with a group of NFL owners who have no real interest in the black community, but only want their photo opp with the rapper.

Check out the audio below as Rob rips Jay-Z and says he even though he’s done a lot of great things in the black community in the past, he definitely messed up in this instance.

Rob Parker Says Jay-Z is a Selfish and Self-Centered Sellout