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Joe Theismann: "Daniel Jones is Going to Be a Star in the NFL"

New York Jets v New York Giants
Joe Theismann: “You don’t know why they lost at Duke. I think Daniel Jones is going to be a star in the National Football League. I think he has the ability to throw the football. It’s going to be a young Giants team that he’s going to inherit in the very near future. We’ve got a lot of young quarterbacks in this league that are going to be fun to watch for a long time.”

Listen to former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann join The Dan Patrick Show (with guest hosts Jason Smith and Will Blackmon) to discuss Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield making headlines for comments he made about rookie New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.

In an interview Mayfield had with GQ Magazine, Mayfield said he was shocked that Jones was drafted as high as he was, and brought up how teams often overthink their drafting process when they should really just be worried about which players were winning.

Mayfield’s comment have been highly derided, with many media members around the sport wondering Mayfield would be talking about another quarterback in the league like this, regardless of the context in which it was brought up.

Baker has since reached out to Jones to apologize for how the sentiments were received, as the statement has been even more magnified with Jones having played well in both the Giants preseason games.

Check out the audio below as Theismann thinks Jones will be an NFL star.

Joe Theismann: "Daniel Jones is Going to Be Star in the NFL"