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Rob Parker Says Baker Mayfield is One of the NFL's Least Likeable Players

Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
Rob Parker: “This whole thing with Baker Mayfield is out of line. There’s no reason why he needs to be worried about what the Giants did and naming another player. It’s just disrespectful. Read the quote, this wasn’t out of context at all. His excuse was 100% BS and this was critical clear criticism. Everybody dissed this guy on Draft night but he shouldn’t be saying it. It’s okay if you’re an analyst, reporter, or opinionist but he plays in the league. He shouldn’t be ripping a fellow NFL quarterback. He thought it was cool until he saw it in print. I’m so tired of people blaming the media. The more Baker talks and the more he does, he becomes a guy who you root against and a guy you don’t want to do well. I can see why some fans can’t stand this dude. Dude, you won ONE game against a playoff team and you’re walking around like this?? It’s bad karma and you have to be careful, and that’s why the Browns made him apologize. It makes other people want to go hard at him and opponents want to drill him.” FULL AUDIO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE

Listen to Rob Parker blast Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield after Mayfield once again found himself at the top of the NFL news cycle for a recent interview he did with GQ Magazine where he strangely put Giants rookie Daniel Jones on blast.

The attack was completely unprovoked and needless no matter what the context was, and Parker believes it’s just another reason why Mayfield is not only starting to become of the league’s most recognizable villains, but a player fans simply don’t want to root for anymore.

Parker called out Mayfield’s ‘excuse’ for the comments, when he tried to blame the media for taking his words out of context. Parker disagrees, saying those disses weren’t out of a context whatsoever, and thinks Mayfield just needed a convenient and token way to walk his comments back.

Check out the audio below as Rob says Mayfield is putting a target on his back; not only from fans, but opposing players who have exceptional memories when it comes to settling scores and dishing out ‘payback’.

Rob Parker: Baker Mayfield is One of the Least Likeable Players in the NFL