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Clay Travis Says NFL National Anthem Kneelers Want Attention, Not Change

Carolina Panthers v New England Patriots
Clay Travis: “We have people in this country that protest for protest sake with no actual goal of changing anything. They just want the attention that comes with protesting. Jay-Z is being called a ‘sellout’ by the same guys who are getting paid millions to simply play a sport. The WOKE revolution in sports is dying because people are starting to say ‘What is your goal?’ These protestors have completely lost their mind. What they’re working for is not beneficial result, they’re just protesting for the attention.” (FULL AUDIO AT BOTTOM OF PAGE)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the barrage of criticism being thrown at Jay-Z this week, after the iconic rapper and business mogul partnered with the NFL to represent not only their Live music entertainment, but to spearhead their social activism initiatives.

One of the most common shots Jay-Z is absorbing is from people calling him a ‘sellout’, as the alliance between Jay-Z and the league is being depicted by many as a move that is racially divisive.

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, the two most prominent National Anthem kneelers that started the movement in 2016, have publicly bashed Jay-Z for buddying up with the same league that ‘blackballed’ them.

Prominent African-American celebrities have also dumped on Jay-Z as well, taking offense to Jay-Z’s ‘We’re done with kneeling’ comments.

Clay is shocked by the backlash towards Jay-Z and says he doesn’t understand why people who call themselves ‘protesters’ are taking shots at an individual like Jay-Z who is actually trying to deliver the types of resources needed for legitimate social change, when the protestors are just looking for attention for their own self-gain.

Check out the audio below as Clay says Jay-Z’s introduction into the NFL was the type of move that can elicit tangible change, and not just gaining Twitter followers.

Clay Travis Says NFL National Anthem Kneelers Want Attention, Not Change