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Will Blackmon Sympathizes With Andrew Luck's Decision to Retire

Andrew Luck's decision to retire from football at the age of 29 took the NFL world by storm on Saturday night but former NFL safety and punt returner Will Blackmon understood where the former Stanford QB was coming from. Listen above as Will Blackmon responds to the Twitter backlash over Luck's announcement and explains why his decision shouldn't be questioned.

Will Blackmon: "One of our colleagues was baffled that Andrew Luck was retiring because rehabbing was 'too hard'...this is coming from a guy who has never played football. I explained (in the audio above) my whole career before I even made a damn play. Rehabbing is exhausting. Rehabbing caused me to miss my honeymoon. I was very fortunate; my wife understood the business, and she's very positive.
Think about this, while rehabbing, I was away from my house six to seven hours a day whether it was something as simple as getting a massage on my knee. When you're drafted, and you're sitting there watching all these other guys that are undrafted fill your spot, you're missing on opportunities, you're missing out on money, you're missing out on fun, rehabbing IS EXHAUSTING.
Every offseason you just want to relax and then go train. Andrew Luck just wants to relax and go train and not go through all this pain and injuries that forced him to fly across the country or the world just to feel right. IT'S EXHAUSTING. Do you think Boogie Cousins is not exhausted? He's furious!
Every team I went to, I was PRAYING that they didn't put a waiver on my contract or a split meaning if I got hurt, they can cut my money in half. I knew when I showed up to the facility; my injury report was thick, which was a huge reminder of all the time I had to rehab."