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David Shaw Says Andrew Luck Would Make a Great Head Coach at Stanford

Stanford v Arizona
Colin Cowherd: “What if Andrew Luck called you in a week and said ‘I wanna coach football, would you hire me?’… What would you say to him?”
David Shaw: “I’d say ‘Yes’, and then say ‘I just hired my successor’. There is nothing I can do that Andrew’s not better than me. This is just one of those guys where everything he does, he’s just outstanding. I think he’s smart enough NOT to coach football, I think he’ll find other endeavors –– he’s married and has a child on the way and there are so many things he’s interested in, and I don’t think that would happen –– but I am excited for him to be around the program. There is no one better to point to and say ‘This is a Stanford man; this is the kind of man you want your son to grow up and be like’. I can’t wait to see him on campus.” (Full Video at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Stanford football head coach David Shaw join The Herd to discuss Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck’s stunning retirement from the NFL.

Shaw has been the head coach of the Cardinal since John Harbaugh left the program in 2010, but has been an offensive assistant with the program since 2007. Luck spent his first two seasons at the school under Harbaugh, but was with Shaw during his final season in college when the team went 11-2 and finished the season ranked seventh in the AP poll.

Although Shaw told Colin he doesn’t see Luck ever getting into coaching, he says ‘there is nothing I can do that Andrew’s not better than me’ at, and added that he can’t wait for Luck to be around the program more.

Check out the full interview below: