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Clay Travis Says Carli Lloyd Has a 0% Chance at Ever Kicking in the NFL

Clay Travis: “This is 99.99% likely to be a stunt. There is a 0% chance she would be able to play in the NFL. This is not going to shock you, but men are bigger fast and stronger than women -- so there are a lot more men that can bomb a ball than there are women, and yet there are only 32 jobs in the NFL. It’s fine for her to try out, but this is a massive overreaction to one viral video. This idea that she’s somehow going to be a kicker in the NFL is totally manufactured Social Justice Warrior news. There is a ton of US Men soccer player who should abandon playing pro soccer in the MLS then and start kicking in the NFL, because a good NFL kicker can make $3 or $4 million while the average MLS player makes around $60,000 or $70,000. Good for her, but this is a total sideshow. A lot of people are afraid to say there is a zero percent chance of this happening because people will say it’s sexist. This is totally a made up story that is designed to appeal to people who are not very smart who are social justice warriors and walk around in their ‘Girl Power’ shirts.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis shoot down the Carli Lloyd-to-the-NFL narrative that has become the notable sports story of the week, as the United States Women’s National Team hero is reportedly flirting with the idea of trying to become an NFL kicker.

Fox Sports reported on Monday that there was a ‘mystery team’ who had offered Lloyd a roster spot for their preseason game on Thursday night, but Lloyd obviously had to decline because of a USWNT friendly against Portugal the same night.

Lloyd put out a video Wednesday saying she’s ‘considering’ a crossover to the NFL and said ‘I think I could do it’ after a video of her kicking a 55-yard field goal in Philadelphia Eagles training camp went viral last week.

Check out the audio below as Clay says there’s a 0% chance of this ever happening and says it’s a completely made up story by ‘social justice warriors’ with a clear agenda to pump derision into a polarizing topic that really shouldn’t be polarizing at all, considering how lost in reality the whole scenario is to begin with.

Clay Travis Says Carli Lloyd Has a 0% Chance at Ever Kicking in the NFL