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Adam Schefter Details How He Got the Scoop of Andrew Luck's Retirement

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts
Adam Schefter: “Certain stories that you work on for days or weeks require a lot of calls, a lot of times, and a lot of energy, and some come together and some of them don’t… Then, there are other stories that are fast-moving stories that just come together quickly. This is one of those that just came together quickly. It wasn’t like last Monday I had a premonition that Andrew Luck was retiring, or having actual talks that he was with members of the Colts organization. This caught me off-guard as much as it did anyone. I was on the streets of Piermont, New York at an Italian restaurant and you people are following the story, and I had waiters and busboys coming up and asking ‘Is it true? Did you just report this??’ it was a surreal scene for me and the Colts. I’ll always remember where I was when this story got out.” (Full Interview at Bottom of Page)

Listen to prominent ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter join The Dan Patrick Show to explain how he got intertwined in quite possibly the biggest moment of his media career, as news of Andrew Luck retiring on Saturday became so viral that it crashed ESPN's website.

Schefter was the first person to break the story, which instantly became one of the most shocking retirements in sports history, with the four-time Pro Bowler retiring from the league in the prime of his career at age 29.

Check out the full interview below as Schefter details how the story fell into his lap and why it completely came out of left field.