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Adam Schefter: 'I Don't Regret Breaking Andrew Luck News During Colts Game'

ESPN's Adam Schefter
Dan Patrick: “Was there any thought to not breaking it during the game?”
Adam Schefter: “I don’t understand that, I really don’t. I’m at a surprise birthday dinner for my mother-in-law… I apologize for not tracking where the Colts-Bears preseason game was when the information is coming in to me. I got the information and never stopped to think ‘boy, I wonder what part of the game they’re in, and I wonder if this would be disruptive.’ I wondered 'how am I going to get this confirmed and how am I going to give people a heads up?'. I called a couple different people within the Colts organization to let them know I was going to be reporting this story, but nobody picked up and nobody got back to me. Somebody could have called me back and said ‘Hey, we're in whatever part of the game we’re in, would you mind waiting 30 minutes?’… Nobody did that. I felt comfortable with reporting it when I did, which I would do 100 out of 100 times.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter join The Dan Patrick Show to chronicle how he got the scoop on Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement, and why he doesn’t understand how there is a some sort of ‘controversy’ around the timing of Schefter breaking the news.

Schefter was the first person in the media to break the stunning news of Luck’s retirement from the NFL at the age of 29 on Saturday night, but it created an awkward situation when it just so happened to be during the time the Colts and Chicago Bears were playing a preseason game in Indianapolis.

A frenzy then occurred in the stands when fans started spreading the news that Luck was leaving football, while the game was still going on, and even worse, while Luck was on the sideline in street clothes.

What then ensued was a wild scene of fans booing Luck as he left the field at Lucas Oil Stadium for the final time.

Some believed Schefter should have waited till after the game was over to break the news.

Check out the interview below as Schefter says he wouldn’t do the process over again, and says he even tried to warn the Colts at the last second, and would have waited to break the news if they had requested it.