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Eagles to Let Backup QB Josh McCown Coach Son's Football Team During Season

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles

When the Philadelphia Eagles needed a backup quarterback, they reached out to Josh McCown who announced he was retiring from the NFL back in June. McCown appeared happy in his post-NFL life, taking up a job as a football coach at Myers Park High School in Charlotte, North Carolina, which also happens to be the school where his two sons play quarterback.

McCown was intrigued by the offer but wasn't willing to give up his new coaching job. He told NJ Advance Media that he had a few requirements if he was going to suit up for a grueling 18th NFL season. The team had to be a playoff contender, have a talented roster and a strong coaching staff, and be close to Charlotte.

The Eagles seemed like the perfect fit and even agreed to allow McCown to keep coaching the Myers Park Mustangs. He will fly home to Charlotte after practice on Friday so that he can coach the Mustangs. He will then fly back to Philadelphia in time their next game or practice.

McCown takes his job as a coach seriously. He arrives hours before players show up so he can paint the lines on the field and attends every practice, meeting, and planning session. During one recent practice, it started to rain and McCown rushed out onto the field and began collecting footballs and equipment bags to bring them inside

"It's about to start raining," said Muhsin Muhammad III, Myers Parks' star wide receiver, "and Coach McCown is just out there picking up all the bags, picking up all the footballs. It's just like, man, you got a freakin' NFL quarterback out here messing around with little high school cats ... he's just a great person."

McCown says he tries to lead by example and hopes that he can help the high school students reach their goals and become better players.

"I just think I just like the opportunity to share knowledge," McCown said. "These guys, they have dreams, they have hopes of playing good football, and they just want the best snap to be a good snap. If you can come alongside them to share some things you learned along the way to try to help them play better, it's rewarding not only for the player but for me as a person."

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