Props to Keenan Allen for His Carli Lloyd Tweet

Carli Lloyd's trainer told FOX Sports that the World Cup hero was offered a chance to kick for an NFL team during Week 4 of the preseason. Lloyd turned down the offer due to the U.S. playing against Portugal, but Carli did say that she'd train seriously for next NFL preseason. Many have been skeptical of this news including LA Chargers star WR Keenan Allen, who tweeted: "Sound sweet til somebody block the kick and all of a sudden she on defense. Would be like the stampede scene in the lion king movie. She do got a boot tho!" Clay Travis applauds the analogy and says that we should all pursue our biggest dreams, but some are not going to happen no matter how much we put our minds to it.

Click on the audio to hear why Clay calls this story ridiculous and desperate.

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