The NFL Is Moving Away From Inaccurate Quarterbacks Like Cam Newton

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers

The other night, the Carolina Panthers faced off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and while the game was close, one thing that was made pretty apparent to Colin Cowherd is that the NFL has left Cam Newton behind.

Cam Newton finished the game with a completion percentage at 49, 333 yards and a quarterback rating of 70.1. He had no touchdowns to end the night. It was pretty clear throughout the night that his accuracy leaves much to be desired, throwing 50 passes with only 24 completions.

Colin Cowherd thinks that Newton is too preoccupied with distractions and "being cool" to become a pocket passer in a league moving towards the accurate quarterbacks. Cowherd thinks the sophomore Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has shown more growth than Newton in a short amount of time.

"I have seen more growth in Lamar Jackson in the last six months than I've seen from Cam in eight years."

Colin Cowherd continues to elaborate on how Cam Newton has allowed his celebrity to distract from improving his game. He uses Houston Rockets guard, Russell Westbrook, as an example.

"There's Cam Newton and Russell Westbrook and when you're fashionable and cool and handsome, it blinds us. Cam Newton can't throw the ball accurately. He's a quarterback and lost eight straight starts with four straight games without a touchdown. Newton has two good receivers and a star running back. People can't see it. They're blinded by it. Russell Westbrook can't shoot. There's never been a player in NBA history who in their first seven years can't shoot and then in year eight becomes brilliant.
The League has moved away from Cam. It's now a precision league. The league has moved away from Westbrook. Guards need to shoot threes."

Watch Colin Cowherd's full take below.