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Why You Shouldn't Buy Into Dak Prescott's Hot Start

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins
Colin Cowherd: “You don’t buy into Dak Prescott?”
Rob Parker: “Not yet. You remember The Athletic came out with that poll taken by NFL GM’s that had him as a third tier quarterback? He’s playing bad teams. Go look at the Giants, go look at the Redskins. There was no pressure and the receivers were wide open. If you can’t make those throws in the NFL then you can’t play. You remember when the Rams stopped the running game in that playoff game last year and you had to make Dak beat you?? He couldn’t do it. I’m not buying into Dak, because he’s beaten terrible also-rans.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he’s not jumping on the Dak Prescott bandwagon as the fourth-year Dallas Cowboys quarterback has emerged as an MVP candidate through two games (if there’s just a thing) with a 7/1 touchdown-to-interception ratio and a league-leading 96.2 QBR.

Parker says you get no medals for valor when you dominate two of the worst teams in the NFL in the Giants and Redskins, as the Cowboys will get another cupcake in Week 3 versus the historically bad Miami Dolphins.

Check out the audio below as Rob says Dak is being vastly over-credited for beating bad defenses, when all he’s done is complete easy passes to wide open receivers that any quarterback in the league could make.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Into Dak Prescott's Hot Start