How EA Sports Can Bring Back Beloved 'NCAA Football' Video Game Franchise

Listen to Clay Travis explain why EA Sports should seriously consider bringing back the immensely popular ‘NCAA Football’ franchise, that was once one of the most beloved sports games in the United States from 1998 to 2013. (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

In 2014, the NCAA announced that it wasn’t renewing its licensing contract with EA Sports because of legal disputes regarding player likenesses in the game.

The game featured every Division-1 program, and every player on each team closely mirrored their resemblance in real life, whether it was their number, their football attributes, their physical build, and even down to intimate features like their hair, wristbands, helmet visors, facemasks, and towels.

The state of California recently passed a bill called the ‘Fair Pay to Play Act’ which would allow college athletes to receive legal payments for their name, image, or likeness in the form of endorsement deals starting in 2023.

Clay says bringing back the NCAA Football franchise would be the perfect way for the NCAA to begin a new sympathetic era towards compensating athletes, as the game could give proceeds back to the same athletes that make up its game.

The last installment was dropped on July 9th, 2013 and featured Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover.

Check out the audio below as Clay believes there could be enormous financial gain from both EA Sports and college athletes as the game has long possessed a cult-like following.

How EA Sports Can Bring Back Beloved 'NCAA Football' Video Game Franchise