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Doug Gottlieb Says New California Sports Bill is a 'Political Cash Grab'

Doug Gottlieb: “Richard Sherman says he hopes this new bill destroys the NCAA. OK, Let’s look at it a different way, Richard. You came from Compton and went to Stanford, which might be the best education that you can get in the United States. You did that, which would have been about 75 grand a year, and had you failed in football you’d still have that, and if you had succeeded in football you still have that. Stanford is a member of the NCAA. If you’re going to ‘destroy’ the NCAA you’re still going to have a legislative body, people do understand that right? There are still going to be rules, unless you want complete anarchy? Is that what you want? It’s not an NCAA rule that you can’t play in the NFL out of high school, and it’s not an NCAA rule that you can’t go to the NBA. In fact, the NBA allows you to go to their G-League, but people haven’t because they want to go to the NCAA. Why? Because it promotes them, and gives them a golden parachute to fall back into if basketball doesn’t work out. Brandon Jennings did it and that Italian team would never do it again because they paid him money and you can’t play or win with young players. He had a good career for awhile but Brandon Jennings, had he played in college, right now he’d probably be in college getting his degree and helping coach. There are things you give up… This whole thing is so dumb but this is what politicians do. All this is really is another cash grab by your politicians and the whole thing is going to bring down the college system.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Doug Gottlieb once again blasted the most vocal detractors of the NCAA, just a day after California Governor Gavin Newsom passed a new bill that will allow NCAA athletes at public and private universities within the state to receive endorsement deals while still enrolled in college. A revised regulation previously unseen in college sports.

Gottlieb called the bill your typical ‘cash grab’ by a deceitful politician who is literally pushing flat-out lies, to a misinformed public who likes any story that opposes a powerful lethiavon like the NCAA no matter how fictional the details are.

Gottlieb blasted Newson and LeBron James for their part in the bill in Monday’s show, and blasted Draymond Green and Richard Sherman Tuesday for their recent potshots at the NCAA.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb clarifies once and for all how ignorant anti-NCAA’ers are when it comes to the dishonest shaming they’ve attempted to levy, as Gottlieb says this gullible group is attempting to destroy collegiate athletics.

Doug Gottlieb Says New California Sports Bill is a 'Political Cash Grab'