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Minneapolis is the Saddest Sports City in America

Divisional Series - New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins - Game Three
Clay Travis: “I don’t think we talk enough about how cursed Minnesota-area sports teams really are. I don’t even know how this statistic is possible but the Minnesota Twins have lost 13 straight postseason games to the Yankees, and 16 straight postseason games overall. How do these sports fans even get out of bed in the morning and keep rooting for their teams??” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why Minneapolis is putting up an overwhelmingly compelling argument to be labeled as the saddest sports city in the America on the heels of the Twins three-game sweep at the hands of the New York Yankees, that seemed rather predictable given their history.

After winning 101 games and breaking the all-time team record for home runs in a season, the Twins were lashed by the Yankees, being outscored 23-7 in three non-competitive games.

The Twins have lost 13 straight postseason games to the Yankees, a record for one opponent, and 16 straight postseason games overall, also an MLB record.

ESPN released a statistic after the sweep that said the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, when combining the seasons of their MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL teams, has gone 103 consecutive seasons without a championship appearance. The Minnesota Wild have never appeared in a Stanley Cup in their brief history since 2000, the Timberwolves have advanced to the conference finals just once in their 30-year history, the Vikings have NEVER won a Super Bowl, and the Twins last won the World Series back in 1991.

The 103 combined seasons were the most in American sports by one city, with Milwaukee and Toronto ranking in second with 73 consecutive seasons, but the Toronto record obviously no longer ongoing with the Raptors’ championship this past June.

Check out the audio below as Clay explains why the city of Minneapolis' eternal sadness is flying under the radar, especially when the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup for the previously depressed Washington D.C. market two seasons ago.

Minnesota is the Saddest Sports City in America