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Colin Cowherd Says Kevin Durant Will Regret Leaving Warriors For the Nets

Colin Cowherd: “I think Kevin Durant going to Brooklyn is a huge risk and I wouldn’t have done it. What KD did leaving the Warriors –– and I’ve seen it in every sport –– has never worked and I think it’s a humongous huge roll of the dice. KD left winning, money, better coach, better roster, proven GM, and a more reliable co-star. He left 'cool'. I’ve never seen that work. Le’Veon Bell left Pittsburgh and it didn’t work, Mark Messier left the Rangers for the Canuck and it didn’t work, and in baseball Zack Greinke, Robinson Cano, and Albert Pujols… It doesn’t work out in any sport.” (Full Video Above)

A day after Kevin Durant took a shot at the New York Knicks saying it’s no longer ‘cool’ to play for the Knicks in the modern NBA, Colin Cowherd wonders why it’s not ‘cool’ to play for the Warriors either, as Durant shockingly left one of the greatest dynasties in NBA history during the offseason.

Colin says KD leaving Golden State, one of the most stable organizations in the sports not only from a roster standpoint, but from a management standpoint as well, was a massive roll of the dice.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why the ‘cool’ thing for Durant to do was continue playing for a team moving into a brand new stadium, with Silicon Valley as a backdrop, alongside Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, with one of the best coach, GM, and owner combinations in the sport.