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Clay Travis Calls LeBron James a 'Moron' After LBJ Criticizes Daryl Morey

Clay Travis: “LeBron had a week to think about what he was going to say and has created an even bigger mess for Adam Silver and the NBA relating to this China situation. What an idiot… What an absolute and complete moron LeBron James is. He is effectively the mouthpiece of a communist dictatorship here. He effectively said Daryl Morey was uneducated on this situation. I’m not an expert on what Daryl Morey has learned but he has a degree in statistics in computer science from Northwestern and also has an MBA from MIT. If I told you we’re going to debate on who know knows the most about a foreign affair issue and I told you one guy has a degree from Northwestern and an MBA from MIT, and the other guy graduated from high school, which one do you think would be more educated on geological issues in America and in the world? You’d make the guy from Northwestern and MIT to be the -10,000 favorite to be better able to understand what’s going on in China. LeBron just told Daryl Morey to 'Shut up and general manage.'” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Clay Travis rip NBA star LeBron James after the Los Angeles Lakers forward, who has always doubled as one of the era’s most progressive sports advocates for the oppressed, went completely limp during an incredibly unexpected interview Tuesday that called out Rockets GM Daryl Morey for tweeting support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Not only did LeBron call Morey ‘misinformed’ and ‘not educated’ on a geopolitical topic that even LeBron himself said he wasn’t very well versed on, but then he would dig himself a much deeper grave on Twitter when he made a tweet complaining how tough of a week he and his teammates had in China after the tweet was made.

Twitter then completely rained down on LeBron, by both his biggest critics and even his biggest supporters, who said it was such a poor choice of words to say you had a ‘difficult week’ when there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in fear of their own government having a much worse week than a millionaire athlete staying in a five-star hotel.

Check out the audio below as Clay calls LeBron an ‘idiot’ and an athlete who just made one of the worst PR moves of a career that had rarely ever saw them.

Clay Travis Calls LeBron James a 'Moron' After LBJ Criticizes Daryl Morey