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Doug Gottlieb: Astros Fired Brandon Taubman Because of Social Media Mobs

Doug Gottlieb: “Am I wrong to say this feels like a Ray Rice situation here? And it’s not because he beat a woman. I feel like the reason he is getting fired was the Astros reaction to whatever he did in the locker room. Their first reaction was saying they really didn’t see it that way, and the second reaction was some sort of apology, and it just kept getting worse and worse. Taubman would have to be the world’s biggest idiot if he’s going to support Roberto Osuna because of what he did off the field. I would at least leave open the possibility that it was taken the wrong way. I think he still has his job today if the original apology from the Astros was more swift, more sincere, and more contrite. He was suspended indefinitely and THEN he was fired. Nothing is enough for the mob, and the mob clearly got him. That’s just the way things work now.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discusses the Houston Astros’ disastrous PR fumble involving now-former assistant general manager Brandon Taubman, and Sports Illustrated reporter Stephanie Abstein.

The writer alleges an altercation to have occurred between Taubman and a group of female reporters after the Astros' ALCS-clinching victory over the Yankees on October 19th.

Taubman reportedly yelled ‘THANK GOD WE GOT OSUNA, I’M SO F*CKING GLAD WE GOT OSUNA!’ in the direction of the reporters. Abstein thought the comments were menacing considering Roberto Osuna was an Astros pitcher whose name was synonymous with domestic abuse allegations the prior season, and the fact he nearly blew the series for Houston that same night, having just given up a game-tying home run in the ninth inning to Yankees MVP candidate DJ LeMahieu.

The Astros quickly condemned Abstein’s article and defended Taubman. They said Abstein’s allegations were ‘misleading and completely irresponsible’ and said Taubman wasn’t directing his outburst at any reporters, and was only doing so to boost the confidence of Osuna during a ‘difficult time’.

On Wednesday, the Astros completely backtracked from the initial defense of Taubman, and sided with Abstein. They said reversed course in their public release and said Taubman was indeed targeting reporters when he made the comments about Osuna.

Gottlieb wonders why the Astros completely pulled a 180 on the story, and believes they may have decided to throw Taubman to the wolves simply because the backlash was getting too harsh, and 'assistant' GM's aren't exactly irreplaceable franchise pillars.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb says the mob always gets their man.

Doug Gottlieb: Astros Fired Brandon Taubman Because of Social Media Mobs