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NFL Teams Who Would Give Tom Brady a Call if He Left New England

Adam Schefter: “There are three options: Tom Brady is either staying in New England, he’s retiring or he’s going to play somewhere else. I would think of those three, that staying in New England, to me, would seem like the least likely option of the three. I think it can go any which way and all three are in play, but I think it would be more likely that he would retire or even perhaps move on than it would be to stay in New England.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss ESPN analyst Adam Schefter’s recent comments on ‘Get Up’ that had the widely respected NFL insider speculate that it’s more likely that Tom Brady retires or leaves New England than it is he actually stay with the team he’s won six Super Bowls with the last 20 seasons.

Schefter made points this week reminding everyone that Brady’s house is currently for sale, his trainer’s house is currently for sale, and that he has a special clause in his contract that will allow it to be voided after this season. And what does that tell you? That Brady could obviously picture himself playing somewhere else.

Check out the video above as Colin talks about what he thinks about Schefter’s now-viral remarks, and then lists NFL teams who would be on the other line the second he became available.