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Colin Cowherd: Dallas Cowboys Should Have Done More to Land Jamal Adams

New York Jets v New York Giants

One day removed from the NFL Trade Deadline, and there's not much to say outside of the Dallas Cowboys getting cold feet. Just moments before the time expired to get a deal done, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that the Jets were interested in tossing everyone aside, not named Sam Darnold. It was then reported Cowboys had an interest in acquiring Jets safety Jamal Adams.

After the deadline, Rapoport and Jane Slater revealed what brought the deal to a dead halt.

New York Jets wanted a 1st rounder and two 2nd rounders; however, Cowboys were only willing to grant a 1st rounder and a 3rd rounder.

Colin Cowherd looks back at this failed transaction with disappointment. He felt that it goes against the very thing that Jerry Jones stands for in reaching only a stalemate with the New York Jets at the deadline.

Colin Cowherd: "Jerry Jones a year or two ago had a line he said,

'When I look back on my life in business, I've never regretted overpaying for something to get the best thing. I have regretted going cheap, trying to save money, and then years later, I have something I can't sell, I'm not happy with, and it's very limited.'

Yesterday, Jerry Jones had a chance to get the best safety in football. He's a game-changing talent. Jerry jumped over a 20 dollar bill to grab a 5. This goes against everything you believe in. This is a special talent. Dallas hasn't had a safety like this would have been the defensive equivalent of last year's Amari Cooper trade. You give up a #1 and more for a 24-year-old difference-maker, a special player with time left on a rookie contract. Dallas is always BIG; they go big; they don't go small. This is a world-class football player, and you argued over a 3rd or a 4th round pick? I don't get it."

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain further in the audio below how odd it was for Jerry Jones to come up short in a deal that could have given the Cowboys a young playmaker to bolster their already fortified defense.

Cowboys Drop The Ball Not Acquiring Jamal Adams From the Jets