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You Can't Win a Super Bowl With Jason Garrett As Your Head Coach

Colin Cowherd: “The Cowboys are like the Golden State Warriors with Mark Jackson… It wasn’t that Jackson failed –– the Warriors' defense was very good, they were fun, had all these shooters, the players liked him, they won a playoffs series, and it was not an easy move to make –– but in the end they made the move to Steve Kerr for a turbo BOOST. The Cowboys just struggled to beat Jeff Driskel with a quarterback, Dak Prescott, who is getting better every week, a star offensive line, a star running back, and the 7th ranked defense. Folks, the problem is COACHING. I’ve seen everyone on this team get better the last two years except the COACHING. That turbo boost is probably Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the 6-4 Dallas Cowboys are flying under the radar as a legitimate Super Bowl contender because of one simple reason: JASON GARRETT.

Colin doesn’t think Garrett is a legitimate championship head coach in the NFL and thinks the Cowboys, arguably the league’s best team on paper, are being severely held back by a ‘good’ but not ‘great’ head coach who has surprisingly been able to survive as one of the NFL’s longest tenured coaches.

Garrett has been the head coach in Dallas since 2010 and has gone 83-63, but has only captured two playoff wins with loaded Dallas teams.

Check out the video above as Colin compares Garrett’s Cowboys to Mark Jackson’s Warriors in the early-2010’s, who somewhat shockingly parted ways with a successful Jackson who was winning at a high level but was looked upon as a coach who couldn’t guide the team to the sport’s pinnacle like Steve Kerr ended up doing.