CM Punk Clarifies He's Not Actually 'Back' in WWE, Just Covers it For Fox

Joy Taylor and Colin Cowherd with CM Punk
Colin Cowherd: “You’re at WWE and you’re a star, you get into a well-documented feud, say you’re done, and then you leave, why come back?”
CM Punk: “Well, I’m not ‘back’, I worked with you now. I’m a FOX employee. You don’t work for the NFL?”
Cowherd: “No, but I’m in conjunction.”
Punk: “Right, so I’m in ‘conjunction’ [both laugh]… I’m WWE ‘adjacent.’”
Cowherd: “You’re not a guy who worries too much about filter -- are you concerned as a ‘no-filter’ guy that you could upset the WWE?”
Punk: “I’m not concerned about it and I think that’s honestly the appeal of the job. ‘Were going to pay you to come here and be an analyst and you get to critique the old place that you work at.’ I’m not here just to be a spoiler and here to pour gasoline on anything to set everything on fire. deep down I love pro wrestling, it could be better, and I always voiced my concerns and criticisms while I worked there, and now I don’t work there, and now I can’t get in trouble for it.”

Listen to former legendary and beloved WWE Heavyweight champion CM Punk join The Herd to discuss with Colin Cowherd his new role with the WWE, or rather, his work with Fox COVERING the WWE.

After Punk’s alleged ‘return to WWE’ last week became one of the most viral topics on Twitter with the rebellious anti-hero purportedly returning to the company he was previously feuding with, Punk clarified to Cowherd that he’s not technically ‘back’ and isn’t actually an official employee of the WWE.

Check out the segment below and the FULL 10-minute interview at the bottom.

CM Punk Clarifies He's Not Actually 'Back' in the WWE, Just Works For Fox