Doug Gottlieb: Myles Garrett is a Liar

Doug Gottlieb: “I don’t believe Myles Garrett for a second. Is it because I know Mason Rudolph? That’s probably a little bit. Is it because he plays on a team coached by an African-American? That’s a little bit of it. The fact he’s played this long and no one has ever had something like this? That’s probably a little bit. But A LOT of it is the reality of Garrett had just gotten into a fight, he knows a suspension is coming, and he knows how ugly it is. I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. YOU are not only a liar, but people lie all the time and I understand lying. ‘Do I look fat in these pants? NOOO!’. ‘Were you looking at her?? NOOO!’ But a lie that does so much to somebody else’s credibility, and a lie that is really hard to prove, and a lie that adds so much confirmation bias from the public... If this did happen, do you think Garrett would be so cool, calm, and collective after the game trying to downplay the moment? So, you ask why would he make something up like this? Because it’s really hard to prove that Rudolph DIDN'T say it. I’m sorry, I don’t buy this, and that lie deserves a longer suspension. Hard to stand by that guy getting back into the league.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t believe Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett’s controversial accusations against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, as Garrett alleged during his suspension appeal on Wednesday that Rudolph had used a racial slur before their melee on November 11th.

Gottlieb says Garrett’s claims seem cheap and desperate for a guy trying to steer clear of one of the most severe suspensions in sports history, by making an accusation that would essentially be impossible to proven false.

The NFL issued a statement Thursday afternoon saying there is no evidence that Rudolph used such language, according testimony they’ve gathered from players and coaches involved.

Check out the audio below as Gottlieb details why it’s hard to see Garrett as a believable and sympathetic individual in this specific case, and describes why such a last-second half-court heave to get a lesser suspension should result in an even more punitive measure from the NFL, tacked onto his already unprecedented indefinite suspension.

Doug Gottlieb: Myles Garrett is a Liar