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Doug Gottlieb: Stop Saying Lamar Jackson is the 'Future of the NFL'

Doug Gottlieb: “Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are NOT the future of the NFL, PATRICK MAHOMES is the future of the NFL – A lot of mobility with crazy arm talent, can make every throw, has a creative gene, has big hands, and can throw from all different angles… We’ve had guys like Lamar Jackson before and they ALL got hurt. Somebody catches them and hits them, or even in an effort to dive they plant their knee and something happens. Look at Carson Wentz in an innocuous dive versus the Rams -- he tears his ACL. Eli Manning raced a pregnant woman and came in third, yet he started for 15 consecutive years. He’s slow, but he’s agile in the pocket and can throw the football. Do you need Lamar Jackson running the football 15 times a game?? NO. They ALL get hurt. They’re NOT the future of the NFL.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t buy into Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson as a dominant force in the NFL for very long considering running quarterbacks continuously put themselves into incredibly precarious positions as frequent ball carriers.

Jackson is arguably the league's most polarizing player when it comes to the debate of what he really is. Is he a dual-threat quarterback? Is he a running back lined up as a quarterback? Is he a pocket passer who runs when need be?

Jackson has a slight edge on Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the race for league’s Most Valuable Player, which you’d think would knock out his biggest critics for good, but has Jackson really established himself as a legitimate passer yet? He ranks 26th in the league in passing yards per game, has only one 300-yard game for his career, and hasn’t completed over 24 passes in any game this year or last.

On the ground, however, Jackson is the league’s most unstoppable force, rushing for 977 yards and 7 touchdowns, on 7.0 yards per carry.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb says it’s only a matter of time before Jackson is seriously injured if he needs to run 200 times a year to be a successful quarterback.