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The Cowboys Have Hit Rock Bottom...Again

The Cowboys Have Hit Rock Bottom...Again

Clay Travis is reacting to the Cowboys latest poor performance, this time courtesy of the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football. For the second straight week, the Cowboys took the ball to start the game, drove down the field and scored a touchdown on their opening drive, only to get soundly beaten for the remainder of the game. Last week it was Buffalo, and Thursday night, it was the Bears. Clay Travis argues the Cowboys have found a new rock bottom.

"Every time I think the Dallas Cowboys have hit rock bottom, it turns out I'm wrong, and they're going to hit a new lower level."

As things currently stand, the Cowboys are still leading the NFC East somehow, and Clay Travis argues that no team in the division deserves to make the playoffs, let alone host a home playoff game.

The big question following their latest loss is Jason Garrett. Clay Travis asks how the Cowboys can keep Garrett on as head coach to finish the season? Is there anyone on the current coaching staff that could replace him to close out the final three regular season games and beyond?

There were a lot of questions concerning the Dallas Cowboys heading into Thursday Night Football, and there are even more now after their latest poor performance.

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