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Clay Travis Drops His Top 5 Bottom 5 NFL Teams

Clay Travis Drops His Top 5 Bottom 5 NFL Teams

Week 14 is officially in the books, which means it's time for Clay Travis to give you his top 5 and bottom 5 NFL teams. Clay had the Ravens in the number one overall spot last week, do they stay put after the 49ers took back the one spot in the NFC with their huge win in New Orleans? How far down did Seattle drop in Clay's rankings after losing to the Rams?

Clay also serves up his "list of sadness" and tells you which five squads are the worst in the NFL. The Outkick crew reacts to Clay's line-up of teams and give you theirs as well.

Plus, in honor of Christmas being just 15 days away, there's a bonus this morning. Clay took his family to see a showing of the classic Christmas Vacation movie and that led him to ask the crew for their top draft pick when it comes to Christmas movies (some good selections are made.)

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