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Dumber Mistake: Le’Veon Bell Bowling or the Patriots Taping?

Dumber Mistake: LeVeon Bell Bowling or the Patriots Taping?

Clay Travis is asking a question this morning that involves two nonsensical decisions that were made in the NFL over the weekend. The New England Patriots had a video crew in Cleveland for "No Days Off", but they filmed the sideline of the Cincinnati Bengals, their opponent this week. Meanwhile, Le‘Veon Bell was ruled out this past Sunday for the Jets with the flu, but decided to go bowling Saturday night until 1am. Bell laughed about it on Tuesday and thought it was cool that he beat his highest bowling score.

Clay says that the optics for both of these decisions were bad. The Patriots obviously have a history with this sort of behavior ("Spygate") and they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to video recording other teams.

Le’Veon Bell also made an incredibly dumb decision according to Clay. He says that if you're ruled out of a game, you probably shouldn't be seen out in public, late the night before bowling with friends, especially when you're not going to be on the active roster because you are "sick with the flu."

The Outkick crew also weighs-in with their thoughts on which side made the dumber decision over the weekend.

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