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Doug Gottlieb: It's Not 'Racist' to Have Doubts About Lamar Jackson

Doug Gottlieb: “We have gotten to the point where if you don’t say that Lamar Jackson is the MVP, and that he’s revolutionizing the sport, well then you’re just a ‘hater’ and you’re even ‘RACIST’. So I’m racist if I think Patrick Mahomes is going to have a better career, or that I like Russell Wilson, or Deshaun Watson better?? It was said that Lamar was drafted late in the first round because he’s ‘black’, and that they wanted to make him a wide receiver because he’s ‘black’. NO, actually the truth is that he was so bad in the bowl game at Louisville that you were like ‘YIKES’. Plus, his mom was also his agent, which now seems endearing but back then it was troublesome. He’s the MVP, I’m not going to argue with that, but has he ‘revolutionized’ the sport? Not really, I think Watson did two years ago before he hurt his knee, and Robert Griffin III did this when he was a rookie with the Redskins. Colin Kaepernick ALSO did this with Greg Roman’s offense in San Francisco. But if I go through the NFL and start naming guys that might have more longevity in the NFL, I’m somehow a ‘hater’ and maybe even a ‘RACIST.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t understand why there is this mass movement in the sports world and on social media to meticulously protect Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson from any criticism by quickly calling the contrarian either a hater’, or even worse, a ‘racist’.

Jackson is the league’s most polarizing player considering he’s doing things on a football field that no one in the history of the game has ever witnessed. On one side of the aisle are his followers, both of the sycophant category and average fan variety who think Jackson is arguably the game’s best player, and possibly the next great Hall of Fame player of this era.

Opposing them on the other side of the aisle are the doubters into Jackson's longevity, not only with his ability to remain healthy in the longterm as a quarterback who is going to finish this season with almost 300 carries, but a quarterback that relied on Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman to put him into the best possible position to make safe and accurate throws.

We know Jackson has the MVP all but locked up this year, and surely makes the Ravens the Super Bowl favorites, but once upon a time Colin Kaepernick reached the Super Bowl under Roman in well in San Francisco, with a dominant defense, and a Harbaugh at head coach. Is it racist to think the same fate could happen with Lamar?

Check out the full video above.