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Clay Travis Says His Favorite NFL Team Keeps Him Humble

Clay Travis Says His Favorite NFL Team Keeps Him Humble

Clay Travis is "in a depressed state." Sunday in Nashville, the Tennessee Titans hosted the Houston Texans with first place in the AFC South on the line, and yet again, the Titans fell short in a huge game against a division opponent.

The Texans won a close game, 24-21, and there is one play that Clay Travis can't come to grips with. That play was the interception the Texans got near their own goal line on a deflected ball, which was returned 90 yards and set up the Texans for a touchdown. It was essentially a 14 point swing in one play.

Clay Travis believes that this game has decided the AFC South, because he has no faith in the Titans being able to potentially go on the road and win a must-win game in Houston in week 17.

"I have seen this script before. If the Titans are in a position where they need to win a big game, I will bet thousands of dollars that the Texans will win and win easily at home. This division is over. The Texans have won the AFC South."

This result also has Clay questioning if he should even care anymore. He asks if he should just quit being a fan all together, and tells a great story from a wise Uber driver he had back in Atlanta during Super Bowl week last year.

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