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NFL Needs to Suspend Bill Belichick an Entire Season For 'SpyGate 2'

Chris Broussard: “You can’t play dumb if you’re the Patriots. You’ve already been charged and convicted for filming, and there were other instances where you were accused but they didn’t have enough proof, like with the Rams and the Panthers in the Super Bowl. How do you NOT tell your videographers to not film the sideline?? The Patriots are the smartest franchise in the league, they don’t want to give away any of their secrets. If they really have this superb advanced scouting team then they're not about to put it out on the website. I already think there’s too much smoke to be no fire, but if they’re found out Bill Belichick has to be suspended for at least a year to send a message that the integrity of the game is above everything else and that no one is above the rules. Even if it’s an innocent mistake, if you come down hard on them with a year-long suspension, so be it. For your track record, you should have known better. This is BAD. Sean Payton said he had no idea about 'BountyGate' and was entirely ignorant of it. Do you know what Roger Goodell said? 'YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.'" (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the developing news around ‘SpyGate 2’ that has once against seen the New England Patriots put themselves at the forefront of another cheating scandal involving illicit filming of other teams.

It was revealed that a Patriots videographer was taping the Cincinnati Bengals sideline from the press box during Cincy’s game versus the Cleveland Browns in Week 14, just one week before the Patriots were scheduled to play the Bengals in Week 15.

The Patriots released a statement saying they were filming video at the game to get content for a new episode of ‘Do Your Job’ that had been running on the team’s website. This episode was centering around the daily duties and life of an advanced scout on the road, yet the video also contained clear footage of the Bengals sideline that had nothing to do with anything related to the aforementioned ‘advanced scout.’

Jay Glazer and Fox Sports released audio of the incident where you can hear the Patriots videographers openly admitting guilt and awkwardly pleading with Bengals security that he would delete the unlawful footage they had obtained.

Check out the audio below as both Rob and Chris admit it’s time for the NFL to drop the hammer on these repeat offenders.

NFL Needs to Suspend Bill Belichick an Entire Season For 'SpyGate 2'