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Colin Cowherd: Drew Brees' Silhouette Should Be the NFL's New Logo

Colin Cowherd: “Name the NFL quarterback who was the number one high school player, won a bunch of games in college at a power school, went number one in the NFL Draft, and had very few speed bumps and not a lot of critics? Matt Stafford is the only one and his career is close to the 18th hole. Not a lot of big wins, but why? Was it because Stafford lacked talent? NO. Perhaps it was because Stafford never had that meddle or that intensity needed after never being told ‘you’re too short’ or you’re not THIS or you’re not THAT. DREW BREES is where Hall of Fame quarterbacks come from. Too small, second round pick, nobody offered him a scholarship and had to go to cold weather Purdue, his first NFL team chose Philip Rivers, Miami didn’t like his shoulder, and then he had to go to losing franchise New Orleans with a bad front office, and then Hurricane Katrina happens. Now he’s the all-time leader in touchdowns. Y’all freak out because Lamar Jackson didn’t get drafted in the top 10 and was asked to try out at wide receiver, but that’s exactly the type of doubters and critics that create legends. Cam Newton had to transfer, Kyler and Baker had to transfer, Russell Wilson had to transfer, Aaron Rodgers had to go to a junior college, Carson Wentz had to go to some Dakota State, Patrick Mahomes was rated the 30th best quarterback in Texas and only got offered a scholarship from Texas Tech and Rice, and nobody liked Josh Allen and had to go play in the mountains at Wyoming. The whole league is a series of ‘You’ll never make it’ or ‘You’re too short’. The NBA has Jerry West as a logo, and Drew Brees should be the NFL’s logo. He’s had to overcome his WHOLE LIFE and he defines the league.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Drew Brees’ silhouette should be the logo of the NFL a night after Brees passed Peyton Manning for the most touchdown passes in NFL history.

Colin says Brees’ career of overcoming obstacles is such a microcosm of what it takes to make it in the league, as Colin says countless NFL stars have had to overcome extremely steep obstacles during their lives as football players, that included beating the odds as pipedream success stories.

Check out the video above as Colin details why we need to take a look at the NFL’s best quarterbacks and take in how almost all of them were once longshots who prevailed to become stars.