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All Parents Can Learn from Emmitt Smith on National Signing Day

All Parents Can Learn from Emmitt Smith on National Signing Day

Clay Travis is reacting to one of the feel good moments from this week's Early National Signing Day. E.J. Smith, the son of the NFL's all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith, had a number of hats on a table in front of him as those gathered awaited a decision on where he would ball. One of those hats was his father's Alma mater, the University of Florida. E.J., also sitting next to his proud mother, picked up the Stanford hat and put in on his head.

After E.J.'s decision, a reporter asked Emmitt Smith about his son not being a fellow Gator. Emmitt explained how proud he was of his son and spoke about supporting your children as individuals. Clay says that the response from the Dallas Cowboys legend is something that all parents across the country should listen to and take to heart.

"What's important, I think to remember for all parents out there, is ultimately you have to allow your child to take the path that fits them best, and Emmitt Smith, I'm sure would have loved for his son to go to Florida and follow in his footsteps, but his son picked Stanford instead."

Click the play-button to hear Emmitt Smith talk about his son & the reaction from Clay Travis.