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Colin Cowherd: Lakers & Clippers Are the Only Teams Who Can Win NBA Finals

Colin Cowherd: “I was told the entire offseason that this was the year of PARITY, but instead we've got three teams who are clearly better than all the other teams – the Lakers, Bucks, and Clippers – and the four best players play on these teams as well – LeBron, AD, Kawhi, and Giannis. WE HAVE NO PARITY. Fans need to stop saying they want parity. NOBODY WATCHES PARITY. Hockey has it and it’s crickets – they have to play games in blizzards to get people to watch. Golf has it and you all complain that you miss Tiger dominating. I don’t think anyone can beat the Lakers four times in two weeks except the Clippers.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the popular NBA storyline coming into the season surrounding the league’s historically good newfound ‘parity’ was simply a myth, as Colin thinks the Lakers, Clippers, and Bucks are clearly the three best teams in the NBA, and says he believes only the Clippers and Lakers can win the Finals.

After the leveling of the Golden State Warriors dynasty the league was going to supposedly open wide up with one of the most dominant teams of all time falling off the face of the earth. However, Colin believes the Warriors’ void simply gave LeBron James the opportunity to team up with Anthony Davis and become the same Western Conference super power Golden State was.

We were told that a boatload of contenders the likes of the Rockets, Mavericks, Blazers, Celtics, Sixers, Nuggets and Jazz would ALL be threats to win the NBA Finals, but Colin says NONE of those teams even move the needle when compared to Milwaukee and the two Los Angeles teams.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why the NBA has no parity, and also details why that’s exactly what fans want in all sports.