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Rob Parker: Los Angeles Lakers Are 'Championship Frauds'

Rob Parker: “The Lakers are championship FRAUDS as we head into Christmas. They got all these wins and everyone’s raving about how they’re going to win the championship, and how LeBron is the KING, and how AD is the best player league, and how Vogel is such an unbelievable coach, and how Magic Johnson should get all this credit… THE TWO TEAMS WHO ARE IN THEIR WAY ARE THE CLIPPERS AND THE BUCKS, AND THEY HAVEN’T BEATEN EITHER ONE OF THEM. Go ahead and pile up all these wins against nobodies! I’m telling you right here, right now, that the Lakers are championship FRAUDS. They’re no closer to winning a championship than they were last Christmas!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker rant about how he believes the formerly streaking Los Angeles Lakers are championship frauds, after the NBA’s supposed best team got punched in the mouth by the dominant Milwaukee Bucks.

The Lakers have now lost three straight games and are quickly searching for answers with Lebron James’ health suddenly in question just a week after LeBron denounced taking part in ‘Load Management’.

Check out the video above as Rob calls the Lakers championship ‘Frauds’ in an inferior tier below the Bucks and Clippers.

And check out the video BELOW as Chris Broussard fires back at Rob.