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Blazing 5: Colin Cowherd Picks NFL Wild Card Round Winners (Jan. 3)

Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

Even though Colin Cowherd’s official Blazing 5 has concluded for the regular season, Colin gives his picks for the four upcoming NFC and AFC Wild Card matchups with final score predictions included.

Buffalo at Houston (SPREAD: HOU -3.0)

"I'll take the underdog Bills to win this. I think they're going to win this straight out. Coaching matters in the playoffs and I think they have the better coaching staff. Bill O'Brien is not a bad coach -- you can't keep on winning your division with a bad coach -- but the Texans as a team have been outgained this year. They remind me of a really talented flag football team where they can get totally outplayed, but because their quarterback and wide receivers are so gifted, they make up crap as they go and win. The Bills have one of the better defenses in the NFL -- number 2 in total defense, and number 2 in scoring defense -- and they do not give up cheap touchdowns. Houston lives off cheap touchdowns. Josh Allen has bizarrely been much better on the road this year than he was at home. I'm taking Buffalo to win the game straight out, regardless of points."

Colin's Pick: BILLS WIN, 24-23.

Tennessee at New England (SPREAD: NE -4.5)

"I like New England to win the football game. The Patriots are undefeated this year when they hold teams to under 20 points, and Ryan Tannehill in his career has been AWFUL versus Bill Belichick and New England. Belichick destroys average quarterbacks and Tannehill has been average for most of his career minus the last two months. He's 0-6 at Foxboro with five touchdowns, ten interceptions, and a passer rating of 70. Tannehill gets eaten alive by Belichick. Tennessee has better offensive personnel by a stretch, but Belichick knows Tannehill, he knows Mike Vrabel, and New England's defense and special teams are still excellent. They're great at home, excellent situationally, they're brilliantly coached, and Tom Brady can still muster up very good halves of football if he doesn't face a good pass rush. I think the Patriots win this puppy in classic New England fashion by recovering a couple fumbles or by blocking a punt."

Colin's Pick: PATRIOTS WIN, 27-24.

Minnesota at New Orleans (SPREAD: NO -7.5)

"Everyone likes the Saints and so do I. The wiseguys like Minnesota and the points but I just think New Orleans wins by more than a touchdown. It's simply a Kirk Cousins factor. If Dalvin Cook plays, Minnesota can take the ball and play a little bit of keepaway, but I think the Saints defense is better than everybody thinks. We know the Saints offense is great. New Orleans is averaging 34 points per game since Week 11, Michael Thomas is a guaranteed 9 catches a game, Drew Brees has 15 touchdowns and zero interceptions the last 4 games, they have one of the great homefield advantages in the NFL, and they don't turn it over; only 8 turnovers all year, the fewest in the NFL. Let's be honest, the Vikings have been good my entire life but do you trust them in big spots?? They haven't won a road playoff game since 2005. I just don't trust Minnesota in this spot and I haven't trusted them all year, so I'm taking the Saints to win around the number."

Colin's Pick: SAINTS WIN, 28-20.

Seattle at Philadelphia (SPREAD: SEA -1.5)

"This is the toughest game for me. Philadelphia is getting points but I think the Eagles are going to win a very close football game. Both of these teams are falling apart physically and I get two great quarterbacks and two excellent coaches. Carson Wentz has carried this team, and even though you say Wentz has never played in a playoff game, the last three weeks have sure felt like playoff games for the Eagles. Seattle travels very well, but if you go look at Russell Wilson, he's lost his last 3 road playoff games. I just don't think Seattle versus this Philadelphia defensive front is going to muster a consistent offense and will be beholden to Russell Wilson to save them. I think Wilson is going to be under duress all game. Philly is a very limited offensive football team and can really only win one way, but Wentz is hot, Philly is at home, and they have a major advantage with their offensive line to Seattle's defensive line. I think this is going to be the game of the weekend, and I think the Eagles will win in overtime."

Colin's Pick: EAGLES WIN, 26-23.

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