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Tom Brady Needs to Prove He's Not a 'System Quarterback' and Play Elsewhere

Rob Parker: “Tom Brady should come to the Chargers, get away from Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and try to be Peyton Manning and win another championship elsewhere. People will know that Tom Brady’s legacy was not as a system quarterback who just benefitted off Bill Belichick. He went 11-5 without Brady in 2008!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady should not only return for his 21st NFL season in 2020, but also come back with an entirely different franchise as well.

Brady is coming off one of the worst statistical seasons of his nearly immaculate career, finishing with his worst yards per attempt since 2002, his fewest touchdowns since 2009, his lowest yards per game average since 2010, and his worst completion percentage since 2013.

Yet even with those numbers that obviously didn’t have him anywhere near the MVP conversation, Brady did finish 7th in the league in passing yards and only threw 8 interceptions, with his Patriots going 12-4 and winning the AFC East division with ease.

Check out the video above as Parker explains why this is a legacy move for Brady, and details that he must play elsewhere to prove that he can not only win without Bill Belichick, but prove that he wasn’t a ‘system quarterback’ with New England in a passing attack that took advantage of a seemingly unstoppable short-to-intermediate routes.