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Kyle Kuzma Trade Would Not be Smart for the Lakers

Kuzma Trade Would be Bad for Lakers

On this edition of The Jason Smith Show, Jason discusses the trade rumors of Lakers F Kyle Kuzma. Jason says it would not be smart for the Lakers to trade Kuzma because they already lack bench scoring. Mike says whatever offer they do get, it would be all about making the money work for both sides. Plus, Jason says this is why he thinks the Clippers are set up better for long-term success given their bench scoring. Jason also says at this time last year Kuzma was LeBrons 1-A, and he was the only asset considered untradeable when they were looking to acquire Anthony Davis. The Lakers need 3 guys who can score, so if they trade Kuzma for another scorer, then they’re back in the same position they were in with Kuzma, according to Jason.