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Kevin Durant Takes the Twitter Bait Again

Kevin Durant lets Perkins Get to Him on Twitter

On today’s edition of The Jason Smith Show, Jason talks about Rockets G Russell Westbrooks return to Oklahoma City causing a Twitter beef between Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant. Jason says he still doesn’t understand how the Thunder never won a championship when they had Durant, Westbrook and Harden together. Jason also discusses Kendrick Perkins tweet earlier today that cited Russell Westbrook as the greatest player in Oklahoma City Thunder history. Plus, Jason says this is made for ‘hot take’ TV, and Kevin Durant goes for the Twitter bait again, tweeting back to Perkins with his own facetious take on Perkins stat line during their NBA finals run together – only to have Perkins rebuttal with Durant’s move to a 73 win Golden State team, one which Mike says is the weakest move in NBA history. Mike also says Westbrook deserved the standing ovation Durant didn’t get because Westbrook was loyal for his 11 years there and gave everything he had.