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Chiefs Fan Misses Historic Comeback After Leaving Game During 21-0 Deficit

After the first quarter of the AFC divisional-round playoff game, fans in Kansas City were sitting at Arrowhead Stadium in stunned silence. The number two seed in the AFC found themselves down 21-0 to the Houston Texans and looking at another early playoff exit. One fan felt the Chiefs' abysmal start was his fault and decided to leave the stadium.

With 2:09 left in the first quarter, Charles Penn got up from his $258 seat and decided to head home. This isn't the first time Penn, who has been a Chiefs fan since he was five years old, has witnessed a crushing playoff defeat.

Penn was at Arrowhead in 2017 when the Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 18-16. The following year, he got playoff tickets again, only to watch the Chiefs lose to the Tennessee Titans. Last season, he didn't make it to the divisional-round game against the Indianapolis Colts, and the Chiefs won that game. He showed up the following week when the Chiefs' Super Bowl dreams were dashed by the New England Patriots.

Penn shared a video of himself leaving the stadium and had to explain to a clean-up crew why he was leaving early.

"I'm out of here so we can get this second-half comeback going, hopefully," Penn said on Twitter. "Can't do it. I got to leave. It's the only hope. It might be true. Just don't know anymore, man."

As he made his way out of the stadium, the Texans added another field goal, taking a 24-0 lead early in the second quarter. As Penn pulled into his driveway, the Chiefs offense started to click, and they put up 41 unanswered points, leading to an eventual 51-31 win. The Chiefs scored four touchdowns in the second quarter and walked into the locker room at halftime with a 28-24 lead.

Penn's video quickly went viral and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked about it after the game. He told a reporter than Penn should "watch the next game at home."

Penn told Yahoo! Sports that he will take Mahomes' advice and stay at home next week when the Chiefs host the Tennessee Titans.