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Failed Yankees Prospect Says Derek Jeter 'Sabotaged' His Career, Sues Team

After failing to live out his dream of playing Major League Baseball, a former New York Yankees prospect filed a lawsuit against the team, blaming Derek Jeter for sabotaging his careerGarrison Lassiter was taken in the 27th round of the draft by the Yankees in 2008 but never made it out of the minor leagues.

He wrote letters to other teams, trying to find a job, but could not get any offers, and by 2012, his baseball career was over. He ended up going to law school and used what he learned to file a lawsuit against the Yankees. He represented himself and demanded $34 million from the team.

He claims that the Yankees' star shortstop, Derek Jeter, led an effort to ruin his career. He blamed his poor performance in the minors on the Yankees for forcing him to switch from his natural position at shortstop to third base. He included letters he wrote to other teams as he desperately tried to find another organization that would sign him.

"I cannot get on the field due to the New York Yankees trying to control my career," he wrote in all caps to several major league teams. "I'm the only Baseball Player that will stand up to the New York Yankees."

He filed the lawsuit in 2018, and a judge tossed it out of court last May. That hasn't stopped the former minor leaguer from suing others. He recently filed lawsuits against the Cincinnati Reds and a North Carolina training complex that he claims failed to get him a tryout with an NFL team.