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How Much Staying Power Does Lamar Jackson Have?

How Much Staying Power Does Lamar Jackson Have?

Clay Travis is breaking down the big surprise result of the weekend, and that was his Titans dominant win over the Ravens in Baltimore. It was obviously a huge win for the Titans, but it was also a big time loss for the Ravens and Lamar Jackson.

Clay is questioning the long term staying power of Lamar Jackson. How many more times will Jackson be in this situation?

"How much staying power does Lamar Jackson have? Because I'll tell you this right now, if Patrick Mahomes loses in the AFC Championship game again, I would still wager virtually every dollar that I have that he will win a Super Bowl at some point in his career...he's going to put himself into the equation year after year after year, even if it doesn't happen for him this year."

Is Lamar Jackson going to have staying power and be deep in the playoffs throughout his career, similar to Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Russell Wilson? Or will his playing career look more like Colin Kaepernick's, in the sense that his successful run will only be for a year or two before NFL defenses are able to learn how to stop and defend him?

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