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Joel Klatt: Joe Burrow's NFL Equivalent is Joe Montana

Joel Klatt: “I have been trying to come up with a comparison of Joe Burrow and there is not a current quarterback you can compare him to. So I started calling around and called a bunch of different scouts, both old and young, and you know who Joe Burrow is? JOE MONTANA, coming out of Notre Dame. It’s eerily similar. Throws a ridiculously catchable ball, great footwork, and never gets rattled in the pocket like ‘Cool Joe’. If I had to pick between Trevor Lawrence and Burrow right now, I’d take Burrow.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports college football analyst and commentator Joel Klatt explain to Colin Cowherd why he believes Joe Burrow closely resembles former NFL Hall of Fame legend Joe Montana, when it comes to trying to decipher what current or former player Burrow reminds him of.

Burrow is coming off arguably the greatest season in college football history, and is nearly unanimously expected to be selected no. 1 by the 2-14 Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft

Check out the video above as Klatt explains why Burrow’s unbridled and natural mobility, beautiful touch passes, and poise in the pocket reminds him so much ‘Cool Joe’ Montana.