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Going after Carlos Beltran May Be Problematic for MLB

Going after Beltran May Be Problematical for MLB

The Red Sox “parted ways” with Manager Alex Cora but Doug warns MLB about going after Carlos Beltran. There are simply different rules for players vs. coaches which may create friction with the Players Union. And, since they haven’t disciplined any other players, it would open up Pandora’s Box if they single out Beltran.

Doug Gottlieb: I don't think the MLB can go after Carlos Beltran or fire him. If you fire him then all a sudden you gotta go after other guys that were players. And to this point, they have not shown the fortitude to do that. If you go after Beltran, who else are you going to get from that year? We're talking about the World Series where Jose Altuve hit 7 home runs, 14 RBI and was the MVP of the Series. Are you going to take away his MVP? Are you going to suspend everyone? I would have no problem doing it. Just saying, if you go after Beltran...he was a PLAYER. What he's doing now doesn't really's what he was doing then.