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MLB Not Investigating Yankees After Alex Cora Hinted Team Might've Cheated

The MLB will not be investigating the New York Yankees after a video from 2019 surfaces of Alex Cora talking about Carlos Beltran goes viral.

Back in June 2019, after a weekend where Cora's Red Sox gave up 29 runs over two games to the Yankees during their London series, Cora sat down in front of the media and was discussing what went wrong over those 18 innings of those two games. He was complimentary toward the opposing team, calling them "a good offensive team," "a lot better than last year," and calling their attention to detail "phenomenal." But then Cora brought up a joke he was telling someone about the Yankees' personnel.

"I was joking with someone that (The Yankees) biggest free agent acquisition was Carlos Beltran," Cora said, before giving one of the most conspicuous winks possible. "I know how it works, you know? He's helping a lot. They're paying attention to details and we have to clean our details."

As of right now, the Yankees have adamantly denied any accusations and Major League Baseball will not be investigating the New York Yankees at this time.