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The NFL's Home Field Advantage Has Started to Vanish

The NFL's Home Field Advantage Has Started to Vanish

Clay Travis is gearing up for Championship Weekend in the NFL, as the Packers travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs are hosting the Tennessee Titans.

One storyline of this postseason has been the success of the road teams. In the Wild Card round, three of the four road teams won. The Titans won at Gillette Stadium, the Vikings upset the Saints in New Orleans and the Seahawks got the job done in Philadelphia. In the Divisional Round, the Titans won on the road again, this time against the number one seeded Baltimore Ravens.

Clay goes through the numbers and some recent history, and uncovers that the home field advantage in the NFL, as well as the other major American sports, has become less and less important over the years. Clay points to a major, modern factor that you may not have realized is causing the shift. 

Will we see another road team come out on top this weekend and advance to Miami for the Super Bowl?

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