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The Titans Should Strongly Consider Signing Tom Brady This Offseason

The Titans Should Strongly Consider Signing Tom Brady This Off-season

The NFL offseason is nearly upon us, Clay Travis is already diving into what may be the biggest storyline of all after the Super Bowl is complete. Tom Brady is an unrestricted free agent this summer. Reports are already out that Tom Brady would be very open to a change of scenery if the Patriots don't bring him back for more than a one year deal and Brady himself said he's open to the free agency process. One destination that has caught the attention of Clay Travis is the Tennessee Titans.

Could Tom Brady be interested in joining the Titans? Would the Titans have interest in bringing in Tom Brady? FOX's Charles Davis is on the show Tuesday morning, a man who has close ties to the Titans as their preseason play-by-play announcer. Davis says that Brady to the Titans is something that Tennessee would consider and that most people underestimate the star power in the city of Nashville.

Although Clay says he's torn because of Ryan Tannehill's amazing season, he believes that the Titans weapons on offense would give Tom Brady a chance to thrive for a couple of seasons. Not to mention, Mike Vrabel is a former teammate of Brady, and the General manager of the Titans also has a background in New England.

"I'm not sure how healthy Brady is or how much Brady has left. The guy who would know better than almost anybody I would say, what Brady has left, is Mike Vrabel and probably also Jon Robinson, who used to work with the Patriots as well."

Would it make more sense for the Titans to reward Ryan Tannehill with a new deal, or should they give it a shot with the greatest quarterback of all time to close out his career? How many good seasons does Tom Brady have left in the tank? Clay and the Outkick crew debate those questions and take some phone calls on the topic from around the country.

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